My journey through the world of dance.

19 year old, Australian, World Irish Dancing Champion, Professional dancer, cast member of Heartbeat of Home, Riverdance & Footstorm.

This is my blog to document my life, in the world of dance. 👯

Throwback to when dad shouted everyone in the bar pizza at worlds ✌️ #bestdadever #bestfriends

Anonymous said: Are you doing a show when you come back home or are you coming home because the shows are finished?

I’m coming home as I have a 3 week break before Riverdance so I wanted to see everyone :)


in love

Love it! One of my favourite dancers and people! :)


in love

Love it! One of my favourite dancers and people! :)

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Anonymous said: Why do you act so fake..? I've been in your comp forever and have dances with you at nationals and have you ever acknowledged me? Nope. I say hi Yuli don't even care. A boy placed in the top 5 from my school and you congratulate him whom you've met



I am sorry if I come across this way. I am in no way fake, and try my best to acknowledge everyone. I haven’t danced in Australia for almost two years (I am gathering you are talking about the Australian Nations.) I always speak to everyone backstage, tell them goodluck etc, and I in no way shape or form would intentionally ignore, or not acknowledge someone someone purposely. I am very sorry I have made you feel that way!

I can vouch for this. Ceili is literally the nicest girl I’ve ever met. In Dublin, she gave up a large part of her lunch break between Heartbeat shows to chat to me & sign autographs and take pictures for all the little kids. She’s given me some of the greatest advice ever that has really helped me to improve my dancing, and I think you must be hella self-absorbed not to realize what an absolute darling Ceili is.

You are all way too kind. Thankyou so much! X

Let's make a change...


It’s time to change everything. This is a place where all dancers should be able to come and feel welcomed and supported. The amount of hate on here is out of control and it’s hurting so many people. I personally have not been a victim of these hate messages but so many people that are close to me…

Anonymous said: Must be so exciting to finally go home after all this time. Have an amazing Worlds Party :)

Thanks so much. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am!!!! :D

Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, London, China, Montreal, Buffalo, Florida, and New York - it’s been an absolute blast! Next stop, AUSTRALIA! 😍 (at The Globe )

Home time!

I literally cannot wait to get home and teach all the kids again. Not only do I absolutely love teaching, but I also haven’t seen them dance in over 6 months. I just can’t wait to see their improvements, and watch them grow over the next 3 weeks in lead up to the states (our regionals, qualifying, oireachtas etc). LETS GO FGMA!

Trapeze class, New York City. Thanks to the Trapeze School, New York. I had a blast! #tsny #newchallenges

Anonymous said: everytime i do a spin i always get dizzy coming out of it. I just got new steps with multiple turns in a row and everytime i try to do it i keep getting dizzy. Do you have any advice?

Your steps into the turn can’t be big and stretched out as it completely throws your weight off. Be sure to take small steps and keep them under yourself to maintain control and balance which will help with your dizziness. Goodluck! X

Anonymous said: Do you have any advice on how to really get the front leg high and kicks and stuff? I'm not really flexible but my goal is to get clicks and kicks as close to my face as possible. Btw you are amazing!!!!

Aw thanks so much. Stretching your hamstrings and increasing strength in the major leg muscles (calves, quads, and hamstrings) really helps! X

Anonymous said: Do you have tips for straight legs? I dance with relatively straight legs but my kneecaps are always poking out. I cannot figure out how to fix it! Thanks!

Sometimes it’s actually the shape of your legs when you dance that influence that. I use to have legs that look quite bent but then we discovered it was the angle that my leg was at. For example if my leg was not turned out enough on an extension it would tend to look bent but if I turned it out it looked perfectly straight. Goodluck!

Anonymous said: Fave tumblr users and why

I love all Irish dancer tumblr users as they all inspire me in some way of another, and have a pure love of dance. I love witnessing this and I love the incredibly supportive and motivational tumblr Irish dancing community that has been created :)

Anonymous said: Where do you get your bags? :)

All over the shop! If I see something I like then I get it! X

Anonymous said: What is one adjective you would use to describe your dancing?

Ooooi that is incredibly tough. A lot of people always tell me that I am unique because I have my own style. I kind of agree with that as I always tend to do really different and unusual movements!