My journey through the world of dance.

19 year old, Australian, World Irish Dancing Champion, Professional dancer, cast member of Heartbeat of Home, Riverdance & Footstorm.

This is my blog to document my life, in the world of dance. 👯

Anonymous said: When do you start Riverdance rehearsals?

August 17:)

Anonymous said: I saw your set at Boston 2013 and I literally thought it was the most amazing set I had ever seen and I had no idea who you were but since then I've seen your results and journey with your dance career over the past year and a half and it's honestly so inspiring and you deserve everything you've achieved! Sorry if that sounds really creepy lol

It’s not creepy at all! Thankyou so much for the sweet message :)

Anonymous said: Can you post the video of your lights dance at your world party on tumblr please?

I think someone posted it on my fb wall:)

Anonymous said: Just cried watching the slideshow from your worlds party! So so so inspirational!

Aw thanks so much! :)

Anonymous said: Do you believe that, though your major successes have come recently in life, you always had the potential to achieve so highly? Or has it been more down to how incredibly hard you have worked? I've never even been in the top five at my Oireachtas but I want to win it this year, and I'm wondering if that's even possible. You're such a beautiful and technical dancer, and your hard work is so inspiring.

I think majority of people have the potential to place highly. I was told from about the age of 11 that if I did my best everytime I got up in class, the world would be my oyster - this being because I was extremely lazy as a young kid and I never worked. I think anyone can achieve whatever they want to achieve with lots of hard work. I would focus on dancing goals, not placing goals as you can control your dancing but can’t control what the judges do. Work your hardest on your dancing and the results will follow. :) best of luck!


It’s so cute to see her on Dancing Down Under and she’s got no idea that she’ll win in a few more years :’)

This gave me chills! Thanks so much for the edit :)


It’s so cute to see her on Dancing Down Under and she’s got no idea that she’ll win in a few more years :’)

This gave me chills! Thanks so much for the edit :)

Anonymous said: Do you follow any kind of special eating plan?

I don’t follow an eating plan but I try my very best to eat healthy. In the 30 days leading up to a major I also usually dont eat junk food either :)

Anonymous said: I'm a dancer in western Canada and I had never even heard of Voy until I met Irish dancers when I was in Ireland. My teacher never told us about it, instead answering those questions herself and providing the info we might need. When I found posts slandering my school and name, I realized that while innocent dancers might be hurt, we have the choice not to look and my teacher had been protecting us.

I do understand that we have the choice not to look, but we also can’t help it when things that are written up there get back to us in a different way. I never look on voy, but for example the night I won the worlds I was tagged in a few photos from Instagram of snapshots of voy. There were hurtful things written about me and I didn’t have any intention of seeing it. Regardless it’s a nasty site in which hurts people, and personally I just don’t think a site that constantly anonymously bashes children, should be so easily available in Irish dancing!

dance-live-sing-laugh-love said: Hi where can I find the videos from your world party on Facebook?xxx

I think they are on Belinda Robinson and Sarah leach’s Facebook :) X

Anonymous said: do you know where I can find the video from your worlds party? Hope your foot is okay ☺️

The one of my set is on tumblr, and the one of my lights / mum and I dancing is on Facebook :)

Anonymous said: What can you say about Andy O'Reilly? What was he like to work with?

He is the best person I have ever (and I think will ever) have the privilege of working with. He is so incredibly professional, dedicated, talented, hard working, genuine, and just simply one of the most hilarious people you will ever meet. I couldn’t speak more highly of him, and I know everyone he’s worked with would also speak of him in the highest manor possible. :)

Anonymous said: Ugh stress fractures are the worst! I had one a while ago. Just keep your head held high because you are an amazing dancer! Get better soon!

Ahh thanks so much! I am just extremely thankful it didn’t snap into a complete break - especially as I had it for so long! Just thankful as it could have been so much worse!

thestoryteller23 said: Any tips for breaking in new hard shoes? I just got a new pair and don't want to get any more blisters than I have to. Thanks!

Leather stretcher helps soften the leather to prevent blisters!

Anonymous said: You're not even 20 and you've accomplished so much. I love following your journey keep it up <3

Aw thanks so much!

Anonymous said: How can I jump higher? I'm having a really hard time getting height

Foot and calf strength! Do loads of rises, one footed jumps etc :)